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Day trip to Albany

Pre-dating both Perth and Fremantle by more than two years, Albany was originally set to be WA's capital. It's colonial and maritime influence is everywhere and has a wealth of experiences to enjoy. 


National ANZAC Centre

Experience the legend of ANZAC at the award winning National ANZAC Centre. An interactive journey that will follow the path of a soldier through WWI. Look out over the Princess Royal Harbour and see where the fleet left Albany, bound for Gallipoli and into our national identity and culture forever.

Historic Albany Whaling Station

The only experience like it in the world, you can explore an intact historic whaling station and fully restored whale chaser. The station was the last Australian whaling company and was literally abandoned in 1978. It's now an interactive museum and whale conservation centre. Just up from Frenchman Bay about 20 minutes from Albany.

The Gap and Natural Bridge

Within the Torndirrup National Park is the Gap, a huge wedge in the cliffs where the mighty Southern ocean reminds us how small we are. Stand on the platform and  look straight down into the ocean. Walk  to the Natural Bridge, a natural rock bridge formation carved by wind and waves over millions of years.

The Brig Amity

Step aboard the Brig Amity and experience a convict ship in 1826. Feel the conditions of what it was like for the crew, convicts and animals that made a scary 6 week voyage from Sydney to King George's Sound to establish the first European settlement in Western Australia.

Kalgan Queen Cruises.jpg

Frenchman Bay

Perfect for a quiet day out, Frenchman Bay is a beautiful beach with white sands, calm waters and picnic areas with barbecues. Sheltered by the Flinders Peninsula, the calm waters are crystal clear and perfect for a dip after a hike out to the end of the peninsula.

Middelton Beach

Under the Gaze of Mount Clarence, you can walk around the point on the boardwalk or go for a protected swim before quenching your thirst at the beachside brewery along with fabulous local cuisine. Or just soak up the sun on the beach!

Former HMAS Perth II Wreck Dive

The former HMAS Peth II is a must do for experienced and qualified divers. Swim along the corridors and up on to the bridge of this 133m former Australian Navel ship. A large variety of fish frequent the wreck and a diver's platform has been installed for safety stops. Please note you need a permit and wreck diving ticket to dive this site.

Kalgan Queen Cruise

Departing daily from Emu Point, you can cruise the sheltered waters of Oyster Harbour and the ancient Kalgan River, which is believed to be the oldest continually flowing river in the world.

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